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Thereapeutic Institutions

Genesis Research & Development Institutes (GRDI) blends strengths in basic science research and clinical laboratory experience to foster a collaborative research environment. Through complex research platforms and a variety of core facility services, GRDI translates research discoveries into the creation and validation of innovative diagnostic assays, biomarkers, and reagents used to prevent, diagnose or treat disease.

Thereapeutic Institutions


Website Oncoveda

Oncoveda was established as a multi-discipline cancer research center in May of 2010 to facilitate a long-term cancer research and development program at Medical Diagnostic Laboratories LLC concentrating on early detection, monitoring, and treatment of gynecologic and urologic cancers.

Our goal is to understand tumor progression and response to chemotherapy, to identify cancer biomarkers and drug targets, and to translate our discoveries into clinical tests and small compound therapeutics that will contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Institute of Metabolic Disorders

Website Institute of Metabolic Disorders

The Institute of Metabolic Disorders (IMD) focuses on drug discovery for the treatment of fatty liver disease (NAFLD/NASH). The Institute will strive to become a respected leader in the field of metabolic disease treatment. Our goal is to increase the quality of life for individuals with metabolic pathologies associated with loss of liver function.

Institute for Biomarker Research

Website Institute for Biomarker Research

The Institute for Biomarker Research (IBR) is dedicated to the innovation of multi-variant-based personal diagnostics to assess disease evaluation, progression, regression, and patient stratification in order to establish a targeted, pharmacogenomic-based treatment approach tailored to every patient’s specific clinical situation. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as next generation DNA sequencing, IBR is focused on the creation, validation and commercialization of innovative diagnostic assays for clinical practice. The diverse panels and packages of biomarker and genetic testing menus developed by IBR for a variety of medical conditions, enables enhanced screening of gene mutation carriers and family members to significantly improve medical outcomes, and reduce medical costs through early diagnosis and early treatment.


Website Immunoveda

Immunoveda focuses on understanding the role of T lymphocytes in tumor immunotherapy. Our goal is to facilitate the development of innovative cancer immunotherapeutics to harness the body’s immune system to eradicate malignant cells and combat cancer.

CRO Services

Genesis Drug Discovery & Development (GD3) offers a comprehensive portfolio of drug discovery services in multiple therapeutic areas. Our experts ensure the efficient development and coordination of your unique preclinical program for each step of early drug discovery and pre-clinical drug development, we commit Our Science for Your Science.

CRO Services


VENENUM Biodesign

Website VENENUM Biodesign

Venenum Biodesign is a drug discovery company focused on advancing drug discovery programs at our novel targets to Pre-Clinical Drug Candidates, and seeking partners for clinical development. Our dual business model allows us to focus internally and develop public-private partnerships. The company was established with the mission of improving patients’ lives through the discovery of therapeutic compounds against our novel biological targets. Many of our targets involve novel protein-protein or protein-DNA interactions. Others are more conventional target classes (GPCRs, enzymes, NHRs etc.). Our goal is to advance our discoveries to medicine through partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

Venenum Biodesign utilizes state-of-the-art assay development and ultra-high throughput screening (UHTS) against our proprietary 5.5 million ECLiPS compound collection, protein engineering and production, cellular reagent generation, structural biology, medicinal chemistry, and in vivo models for our own platforms. We offer access to these capabilities, to academic institutions, non-profits, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

New England Discovery Partners

Website New England Discovery Partners

New England Discovery Partners (NEDP) is a Connecticut-based chemistry Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in synthetic organic, and medicinal chemistry. Staffed with innovative pharmaceutical scientists who have successfully managed and executed drug discovery programs from early lead identification to clinical development, NEDP provides drug discovery services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer products companies, as well as academic, government, and non-profit institutions.


Website BioBlocks

BioBlocks is a collaborative medicinal chemistry research organization that focuses on drug discovery from initial hit through identification of development candidates. We provide expertise and join forces with our clients to discover compounds qualified for advancement to phase two clinical trials. Aided by a results-based lead optimization model, BioBlocks scientists have developed multiple preclinical candidates for its partners. The Company's Leap-to-Lead™ platform provides an alternative source for high-quality tractable leads with multiple possible optimization pathways.


Website Organochem

Organochem is a supplier of special synthons, building blocks, a fragment-based library, and small, focused libraries to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agrochemical industries. Organochem is committed to providing a broad spectrum of smart chemistry solutions to support the design of new drugs and other bioactive products. Its wide range of cost-effective services defined by profound science and its high-tech production facilities make Organochem a preferred partner in outsourcing discovery and development projects.

Biochemistry & Bioanalytical

Integrated Analytical Solutions, Inc.

Website Integrated Analytical Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Analytical Solutions, Inc. (IAS) is a GLP-compliant, contract research organization focused on delivering fit-for-purpose solutions and the highest quality data in the areas of bioanalysis, drug metabolism and analytical chemistry. We provide expert LC-MS/MS and immunoassay bioanalytical services to support PK and TK evaluation of pharmaceutical and biopharma products. Our capabilities in the area of drug metabolism range from high-throughput in vitro stability screens to advanced guidance for metabolite identification. The Quality Management System and deep experience of key staff enables the IAS team to work hand-in-hand with clients to navigate and overcome regulatory hurdles.


Website PharmOptima

Since 2003, PharmOptima has been advancing drug discovery and development in various therapeutic areas and has filled a niche in ocular drug development. PharmOptima’s in vivo services include studies in the fields of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME), pharmacokinetics (PK), and pharmacology. They provides liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) bioanalysis in support of discovery and development programs, including method development and validation in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Their biochemistry expertise allows them to assess the role of biomarkers in numerous disease models. The biochemical capabilities include in vitro and cell based assay development for compound profiling as well as protein cloning and expression. Their expertise extends to the custom development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and electrochemiluminescence multiplex formats.

Ingenio Diagnostics

Website Ingenio Diagnostics

Ingenio Diagnostics (ID) combines experience in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and CRO services with a clinical diagnostic laboratory’s licensure and accreditation. We deliver clinical diagnostic laboratory services and specialty testing with the additional benefit of dedicated quality assurance & quality control division. Our highly-skilled team of scientists, clinical, and operations personnel have extensive experience analyzing a wide variety of patient specimen types, spanning multiple analytical platforms in many therapeutic areas.

Disease Modeling


Website NexusPharma

NexusPharma is dedicated to the discovery of innovative anti-cancer treatments. Novel drug candidates are tested in patient derived xenograft tumor models or patient derived tumor cell lines that are derived from such PDX models. These models are created to reflect human disease in the most predictable ways. Applying its technologies discovered and developed at Fox Chase Cancer Center, NexusPharma is using PDX models to validate a broad range of biological targets. Fox Chase Cancer Center supports NexusPharma in the development of a physiological, cost-effective platform for pre-clinical compound assessment along with other research activities at NexusPharma to enhance the predictive value of its models for clinical outcomes.


Website Invivotek

Invivotek is a pre-clinical contract research organization specializing in translational studies. As a leading provider of preclinical in vivo testing, their award-winning vivarium facility featuring the most advanced laboratory technology and precise environmental controls, provides an ideal environment for custom and standard services to support the drug discovery and development programs of clients. Their testing of traditional and genetically modified rodent models of human disease is supported by biochemical and molecular biology techniques, as well as functional assays using primary cell cultures established from various mouse tissues under disease model and normal conditions. These assays provide tools to study the mechanism of action of various test therapeutics or potential target genes and to explore drug efficacy biomarkers.


Comparative Biosciences, Inc.

Website Comparative Biosciences, Inc.

Comparative Biosciences, Inc. (CBI), a premier preclinical contract research organization (CRO), provides expert scientific resources and high-quality contract research services to all sectors of the biomedical and biopharmaceutical community. Its team of scientists has extensive experience in GLP and non-GLP preclinical toxicology, efficacy, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics, histopathology, and safety studies on all laboratory species. CBI’s particular areas of expertise including ocular, dermatology, fibrosis, ototoxicity, wound healing and burns, stem cells, oncology, renal, inflammation, immune-mediated, CNS, cardiovascular, infection models, devices, contract histopathology, immunohistochemistry, and custom model development.


STATKING Clinical Services

Website STATKING Clinical Services

STATKING Clinical Services provides clinical trial services (clinical trial management, protocol development, biostatistics, clinical data management, clinical study monitoring, medical writing, medical monitoring, safety reporting, and project management) for clinical trials for the regulatory approval of novel drug and medical device products. STATKING Clinical Services has provided support on 15 NDAs, 14 PMAs, 2 BLAs, 3 NADAs, and numerous 510Ks over the past 30 years of service to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and animal health industries.

JSS Medical Research

Website JSS Medical Research

JSS Medical Research is a full-service clinical research organization (CRO) with strong academic affiliations offering a wide range of services internationally. One of their distinguishing attributes is their methodological knowledge and expertise in the design and execution of clinical studies. These include all phases of development, such as Phase I, II and III, and post-approval studies. The breadth of their experience enables our clients to collaborate with the same partner throughout the product lifecycle.