Genesis Global Group

Hand in hand.

Acquisition Targets

GBG (Genesis Biotechnology Group) pursues investment opportunities for which we can support the management team in growing and enhancing the value of the business. While every situation is unique, we focus on making investments in companies with the following characteristics:

  • Committed, talented and passionate leadership team;
  • Inherent brand equity and reputation with market, customer and product positions; and
  • History of stable earnings with the opportunity to grow and to improve margins.

Investment Criteria

  • Target Markets – Principal target markets include Clinical Diagnostics Labs, Contract Research Organization (CRO) services, Medical/Physician Practices, Pathology Laboratories, Bio-manufacturing and distribution. We will consider a variety of opportunities that advance our overall objective of improving patient care through the development, manufacturing and distribution of unique biotechnology-based products and services regardless of sector or market.
  • Company Size – While we will consider acquisitions of any size depending on the situation, we typically seek companies with a minimum of $2M in Yearly Revenue.
  • Geography – We prefer North American and Europe-based targets but will consider opportunities in all strategic global markets.

Why GBG?

  • We have a deep understanding of Science.
  • Our operating businesses are run autonomously, providing accountability and responsibility to their management teams.
  • Our companies typically continue operating under their existing brand, thereby preserving their heritage and customer.
  • We provide the required support and infrastructure for businesses to grow and expand.
  • We are experienced acquirers and can execute transactions quickly, efficiently and sensitively.

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