The mission of the Product Development Division is to be the partner of choice for the Biotechnology industry by helping them to custom-design, develop, and manufacture the most reliable and effective research products, clinical- diagnostic tools, or reagents under GLP and GMP conditions. PDD is committed to meeting our customers ever growing needs through the rapid development of cutting edge technology.


The Institute for Biomarker Research


IBR is dedicated to the innovation of multi-variant-based personal diagnostics to assess disease evaluation, progression, regression, and patient stratification in order to establish a targeted, pharmacogenomic-based treatment approach tailored to every patient’s specific clinical situation. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as next generation DNA sequencing, IBR is focused on the creation, validation and commercialization of innovative diagnostic assays for clinical practice. The diverse panels and packages of biomarker and genetic testing menus developed by IBR for a variety of medical conditions, enables enhanced screening of gene mutation carriers and family members to significantly improve medical outcomes, and reduce medical costs through early diagnosis and early treatment.

Genesis Automation & Robotics


GAR’s mission is to design, construct, test, implement, and provide ongoing support of automated equipment and processes for GBG’s diagnostic laboratory (Medical Diagnostic Laboratories), drug discovery company (Venenum Biodesign) and manufacturing company (BioPlast Manufacturing).