Utilizing high complexity, state-of-the-art, automated molecular analysis, we offer clinicians from many different specialties valuable diagnostic information to assist in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of complex disease.




The research of the Neurodegenerative Disease research team focuses on mechanisms to increase antioxidant production to ameliorate cellular dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease. With a focus on identifying novel drug targets, our group uses a variety of techniques, such as molecular and cellular technologies, including generation of novel model cell-based systems, in vitro enzymatic activity assays, and analyses of post-mortem brain tissue from patients with disease. The main goal of our research is to support, in collaboration with Venenum Biodesign, identification of novel compounds that could be used to protect against the progressive neurodegeneration in disease.

VetNostic Laboratories


VetNostic Laboratories offers state-of-the-art genetic testing services for dog breeders / owners. Using DNA analysis, we’re able to accurately and specifically determine whether or not a dog carries disease causing genes. Providing reliable identification of these ‘carriers’ ensures healthy litters and a successful breeding program.